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Category: Demand Planning

Read timely information on how effective demand planning can  elevate customer service levels and reduce inventory costs.

Demand Management: Linking the Market to Operations Management

All businesses, whether they be commercial, profit-seeking companies or not-for-profit altruistic enterprises, manage demand. It is so common, that we might not even be aware that we are doing it. We do it in our everyday lives, as we manage [...]

Data—Our New Natural Resource

As I walked the floor at this year’s APICS conference and sat through a variety of educational sessions, I was reminded of a phrase I heard recently: “Data is becoming a new natural resource.” The statistics are quite mind-boggling. According [...]

Do You Know These Financial Metrics?

When it comes down to the bottom line, your decisions have financial impacts. The Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning said, “The profit and loss statement often gets the most attention, since it shows the revenue, the cost of goods [...]

What in the World is Wrong with our Forecasts?

Forecasting has been woven inexorably into the fabric of almost all companies across America over the past fifty years. It is safe to say that most business leaders would argue that high quality sales forecasting is an indispensable activity within [...]

Integrating Planning and Scheduling: How Is It Done?

Modern manufacturing operations are constantly challenged to be flexible, yet efficient. Compressed product life cycles, complex global supply chains, and fierce competition exert extreme pressures on production processes. Without tight integration between planning and scheduling, the business may struggle to [...]

Prepare for Instability with Demand Planning

In a time when business is booming, fear that things may turn the other way can build. Demand planners can help by being realistic and trying to create the most accurate picture of what is to come. The Institute of [...]

Why It’s Smarter to Choose Software Over Spreadsheets for Accurate Demand Planning

Deciding to use a software application for demand planning, instead of spreadsheets, is a major shift for any company but its essential to longer term growth. Of course, like any big change, there’s a time to do it that makes [...]

5 Warning Signs of Ineffective Demand Planning

When properly executed, demand planning puts you in the best position to deliver exceptional customer service while improving profitability. In contrast, both of those goals are often at risk when demand planning is ineffective. You can head off problems by [...]

Using Advanced Analytics to Sense & Shape Demand

In the keynote of its Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, Gartner cited automation, algorithms and the systematic use of real-time data as industry game changers. These are such huge focus areas because they are key to enabling a digital [...]

IBF Survey Reveals 70% Believe AI is the Future of Demand Planning

Artificial Intelligence machines - those being able to carry out tasks in a way that we would consider “smart” - now decipher unstructured text analytics in almost real time. They give us directions, make predictions on our purchase preferences, and [...]

Revisiting Your Demand Planning Measuring Metrics

Obviously, everyone measuring metrics should know precisely what question that metric is meant to answer, but that's (unfortunately) not always the case. It's important to check both inside and outside the department to make sure everyone fully understands what the [...]

10 Ways to Improve Forecasts

Have you ever asked yourself, "How should we focus resources on value add areas?" Or, "What forecast error measurements should I use, and how far in advance should we freeze forecasts?" You absolutely must modernize your demand forecasting processes to [...]

The Role of Salespeople in Demand Planning Process

Building strong relationships with your sales teams can offer significant advantages in your demand planning process. Salespeople can alert you to key issues, such as customers that are not performing as expected, which can give you a chance to manage [...]

Top 5 Things Management Needs to Give Demand Planners

Proper demand planning provides enormous benefits to an S&OP program. Moreover, the people taking on these roles require proper support from higher up management teams, otherwise, demand planners can't deliver at peak performance. In order to achieve significant competitive advantage [...]

Back to School … Back to Work!

It is Back-to-School sale time. There are advertisements for the office superstores and the big box retailers. The goods that line the shelves, end aisle displays, and floor displays were ordered back in April and May. The goods were shipped [...]
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