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Category: Emerging Trends

Smart Manufacturing Concept Defined

What exactly is the smart manufacturing concept? Dave Turbide says it comes down to visibility and connectivity. He also said, “Extensive use of industrial internet of things (IIoT) sensors and devices provide much of the enabling technology, while increasingly sophisticated [...]

Industry 4.0 – Risk vs. Reward

Industry 4.0 may seem like a risk, but it’s actually becoming more risky to hold off. A significant percentage of manufacturing companies are moving forward with industry 4.0 projects and you don’t want to be left in the dust. However, [...]

IoT is changing the industry – how are you managing those changes?

Have your employees bought into the changes you’re making or are they still skeptical? Have you thought about changing to a culture-first organization? Automation World asked the question - since the industry is so groomed to follow process, how does [...]

How to Get Ahead in Digital Manufacturing

What does it take to get ahead in digital manufacturing? Deloitte determined that businesses succeeding are doing four things; adopting a long-term, dynamic approach to digital strategy, using the power of the ecosystem, confidence in leadership and workforce talent, and [...]

Staying Ahead of Technology Trends in Supply Chain

Important trends to follow in manufacturing revolve around technology this year. It’s important for businesses to not only keep up with trends, but stay ahead of the curve and predict what’s to come. Mospaze says the six trends to watch [...]

Automation in Supply Chain

What is workflow automation? How is it implemented? said, "Starting small with workflow automation allows organizations to streamline simple manual process like contract signatures and work all the way up to more complex tasks, such as supplier performance management." [...]

Understanding the Basics of Blockchain and Supply Chain

Blockchain has become a major buzzword, but many people still don't quite know what it is or how it could apply to their business. The simple explanation is that it's a software to help conceptualize and plan easier - and it [...]

Exploring the Implications of an Emerging Production Revolution

Those in the industry agree that a new manufacturing revolution is around the corner. New converging technologies and integrated application systems are changing how we make things and how services are delivered. Moreover, the way we carry out manufacturing R&D [...]

Manufacturing for Growth: Key Takeaways

Last month, Mark Albert, Editorial Director of Modern Machine Shop, attended the Manufacturing for Growth (MFG) Meeting in Miami, Florida. He now shares his thoughts and feedback on the many presentations, including how the pace of change is accelerating, why [...]

5 Key Tech Trends Changing Manufacturing for Good

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) recently delved into the emerging trends and technologies in the manufacturing world. Through multiple thought-leadership initiatives, including CONEXPO-CON/AGG 365 online, AEM revealed 5 key tech trends, including Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), and [...]

The Future of Blockchain Technology in the Supply Chain

Blockchain technology is offering a promising solution to ever-increasingly complex supply chain. That said, manufacturers cannot depend on blockchains alone to make their operations more manageable, but they should all be looking closely at the potential. Read on to find [...]

What Effect Does AI Have on the Supply Chain Workforce?

Don't panic, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into the supply chain doesn't mean humans will soon be replaced by smart, machine-learning robots. It does mean, though, that humans working in the supply chain workforce will need to make adjustments [...]

When Will IIOT Standards Allow for Cross-System Compatibility?

Earlier this week, we touched on the importance of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology within the supply chain. But not everyone's convinced. At least, not yet, and at least not until some stronger standards are put into place. IIOT [...]

How Will IIOT Technology Benefit Your Supply Chain?

Have you ever placed a work order or shipped a product that seems to get sucked into a mysterious black hole until it winds up completed or delivered? Anyone in supply chain sure has. Fortunately, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) [...]

What is the Key to Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain?

In a word, visibility. The key enabler to any digital transformation project is supply chain visibility. In fact, according to a digital transformation survey conducted by Capgemini Consulting and Infor, 94% of executives identified supply chain visibility as a key [...]

Gartner Reveals its 2018 Supply Chain Predictions

According to Gartner, "Supply chain operations must adopt new business models to compete in an increasingly complex and volatile world. Supply chain leaders must identify where to innovate and invest in new processes and technologies to remain competitive." The question, [...]

Accelerate Business Goals with These 5 Sustainability Efforts

In today’s competitive world, social responsibility (sustainability) gives brands the chance to build and earn consumer loyalty. As such, companies need to prioritize sustainable efforts to not only enrich their value chains, but to optimize operations, reduce expenses and rev [...]

Digital Supply Chain Taking Hold

Supply Chain 4.0 -- or Digital Supply Chain as it's often called -- could help companies reduce lost sales by as much as 75%, and could also cut transportation and warehousing costs by up to 30%. This innovative set of [...]

Is Supply Chain Management a Thing of the Past?

Some say that many jobs with the function of supply chain management may be obsolete within the next 5 to 10 years, the theory being that it will be replaced by a streamlined, self-regulating utility that optimally manages end-to-end work [...]

Advancing Women in Supply Chain

According to the 2018 Women in Supply Chain Survey, women make up just 20% of supply chain VP, but that number is expected to grow to more than 30% by 2023. In 2018, however, roughly 14% of companies reported that [...]

Drones Finding Their Niche in the Supply Chain

After Jeff Bezos turned the supply chain upside down in December 2013 by revealing his secret Octocopter drones, which would fly packages to your door inside of 30 minutes, drones quickly became the buzz word of the day at supply [...]
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