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Category: Supply Chain Management

Get the latest strategies, advice and news on how effective supply chain management is enabling companies to gain a competitive edge with proactive actions—backed by organizational alignment and data-driven insight. 

Current Trends in Supply Chain and Transportation

Technology is changing just about every industry today, supply chain and transportation included. Economic and industry fundamentals are changing, demand is rising, and customer expectations are shifting. Forbes reported on the “Amazon Effect” saying, “In particular, customer demands for ever [...]

Logistics and Supply Chain Differences

Did you know that logistics and supply chain actually have different meanings? Tech Target said, “Although the terms logistics and supply chain management are often used interchangeably, when it comes to software, logistics generally focuses on a more narrow area [...]

Supply Chain Innovation at Constance Hotels & Resorts

Awarded the Green Globe Certificate for four years in a row, the supply chain group at Constance Hotels & Resorts has shown an unwavering commitment to sustainability. In doing so, the travel and tourism company has increased the its global [...]

Why You Need to Break These 5 Bad Supply Chain Habits

It's human nature to adjust to our surroundings -- even when they're chaotic. But when we become accustomed to chaos, we don't realize that our behaviors are, in fact, sabotaging our business goals. Is your supply chain falling victim to [...]

Sustainability & It’s Effect on Supply Chain Change

Typically 80 percent or more of a business’s environmental impact resides within its supply chain. Factors such as external scrutiny and incentives from government and regulators can have a direct impact on a company's bottom line, provoking questions of value, [...]

Supply Chain Risk Management with the Help of Big Data

Not so long ago, combing through supply chain information, like pricing, regulations, and material shortages, would be a nightmare. Thanks to the web, cloud computing, and a host of other digital advancements, it's easier now to follow the trail of [...]

How Ecommerce is Affecting Supply Chains

According to a Wall Street Journal article from earlier this year, “Retailers still celebrating their strongest holiday sales in years now face the less-pleasant task of disposing of billions of dollars in returned merchandise.” Returns are no fun for anyone [...]

How to Identify Supply Chain Talent

Findings from a recent Supply Chain Insights study conducted by the Penn State Forum have revealed three key insights -- or themes -- about supply chain talent: 1) Opportunity 2) Leadership 3) Talent shortages For companies looking to attract supply [...]

Uncovering the Latest Supply Chain Management Trends

Six key trends causing significant impact and change to supply chain design and performance include how demand planning begins at the end of the cycle, globalization, increased competition and price pressures, outsourcing, complex product life cycles, and stakeholder collaboration in [...]

Peak Planning & Supply Chain Impacted by Bargain Days

Bargain days have stretched far beyond the traditional Christmas holiday. Now we see sales cropping up for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Independence Day, Valentine's Day, and even Christmas in July. So what exactly are the effects of this additional strain [...]

Listening to the Sounds of Supply Chain

Just as the chords and scales remain the same across all types of music, the basic chords and scales of the supply chain never change either. You have to learn to play your instrument. According to Robert Allen, Principal, Operations [...]

Supply Chains in Middle America

There's certainly a whole lot more to Middle America than Auntie Em’s farm. An airport taxi driver said that there are lots of trucking companies and freight railroads in the area, which was obvious on the drive along I-44 toward [...]

10 Ways AI/ML is Transforming Supply Chain from Traditional to Digital

Modern-day organizations understand the importance of transitioning from a traditional supply chain to a more powerful Digital Supply Chain. There's a great opportunity for companies to build a leading-edge Digital Supply Chain with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine [...]

Supply Chain Disruption, What CFOs Need to Know

Fact: According to a study by PwC and the Business Continuity Institute, 75% of companies experience at least one major supply chain disruption a year. Supply chain disruption interrupts the steady flow of products, which in turn can have a [...]

3 Advantages Top Performing Companies Gain with Cloud-Based Supply Chain Planning

Supply chain planning includes your strategic business objectives, demand, supply, capacity, and of course, your constraints. There are a lot of moving parts to planning, especially when demand can shift more quickly than ever before. That’s why it’s critical to [...]

Warby Parker aligns business objectives with supply chain management to drive growth

One of my favorite retailers is Warby Parker, an incredibly creative company that has taken the mundane and pricey business of prescription glasses to its value added end without sacrificing quality or style. It is a wonderful model that we [...]

Thinking Part 2: Optimal Thinking

I recently expounded the concept of Statistical Thinking whereby people, particularly, business people should develop and nurture a conceptual understanding of the role of variation and uncertainty in the numbers we deal with on a daily basis.  It is not necessary [...]

Thinking Part 1: Statistical Thinking

The concept of Statistical Thinking has always appealed to me since I first heard it back in the late 1970s or early 1980s. The concept surfaced, in my mind, recently when I began teaching two sections of Elementary Statistics at [...]
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