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Category: Supply Chain Planning

Learn more about optimizing inventory in all facilities, connecting demand to supply, and how to drive your S&OP process with powerful, intuitive cloud-based supply chain planning software.

Your business growth could be hiding in supply chain

78% of the businesses studied were missing significant opportunities in their supply chain. Accenture said, “The remaining 22% of companies, referred to as “Leaders,” are making smart moves in three areas — digital investments, customer-centricity and ecosystems. This is enabling [...]

One number forecasting or number one attitude?

Are you focused on one number forecasting? Some companies swear by it while others take a different approach. The Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning said, “The idea is that a one number forecast creates alignment and that the whole [...]

Seven Advantages of Integrated Demand and Supply Planning

A championship football team reaches such heights because of teamwork, practice, and a clear strategy.  Both offensively and defensively, team members are drilled over and over to work together and know the plan so that on game day, everyone is [...]

Differences between correlation and causation

Just because you see patterns doesn’t mean you should make your business decisions around them. It’s easy to find connections and mix up correlation and causation, so do your research and don’t mix them up. The Institute of Business Forecasting [...]

6 Reasons to Avoid Using Spreadsheets for Supply Chain Planning

First introduced to the business world in the late 1970’s as a computerized representation of bookkeeping worksheets, spreadsheet software has become a staple in almost every office. Used in a wide variety of industries from manufacturing to retailing to professional [...]

Demand Planning vs. Supply Planning: Balance is the Key to Success

Organizations that manage a supply chain have a number of priorities that need to be continually balanced: meeting financial goals, completing customer orders on time and in full, and keeping facilities at optimal productivity levels, to name just a few. [...]

What is CPFR in supply chain?

CPFR stands for collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment. The Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning said, “CPFR strategies allow aligning of multiple S&OP processes and jointly plan supply chain activities to ensure that the joint business plans between organizations are [...]

The Long and the Short of It: Variables in Managing Long and Short Supply Chain Legs

Supply chain planning can be a daunting task. And, as economies globalize at a faster rate, just keeping pace will become increasingly difficult. Studies have shown that as much as 21% of a company’s performance is impacted by its global [...]

6 Tips for Better Supply Chain Planning: Planning Resolutions for the New Year

Every January, millions of people start the New Year with a list of resolutions.  From weight loss to career to finances, the list of things to change and improve are diverse and aimed at pushing someone to the next level. [...]

Technology Helps Brands Grow Beyond

In the 2018 National Manufacturing Outlook and Insights report, manufacturers expressed remarkable optimism for their industry and businesses in 2018. More than half of those that responded to the survey that generated the report indicated that they expected growth within [...]

Confronting Disaster with Agile Supply Chains

Predictive analytics in the week prior to the arrival of Hurricane Florence onto the shores of North Carolina on September 14, 2018 estimated that at least 10,000 actual or planned truck shipments to and from coastal regions were at risk [...]

5 Ways Spreadsheets Undermine Your Forecasting and Planning Credibility

It's a scenario many a supply chain planner has faced. And it’s one everyone dreads. You’re in a meeting when a key stakeholder asks, “Where did you get those numbers? They don’t match my calculations?” Your stomach flips. Your chest [...]

Automate Processes for More Accurate Forecasting

Accurate forecasting, or at least as near to accurate as you can get, creates efficiency and cost savings. By having accurate demand forecasts, you can plan inventory with a minimum of overstock, production, and shipping with short lead times along [...]

How to Build a Data-Driven Culture in the Supply Chain

Today we're looking at a recently published report on how to build a data-driven culture and data driven supply chain. Inside you'll find key insights into why businesses are now investing in developing a data-driven culture and actions that can [...]

What Is Lead Time Variability and How Can You Beat It?

Lead time variability is a problem in any supply chain / manufacturing environment. Just-in-time supplies don’t always work out that way: you order too soon or too much and now you’re carrying inventory on your supplies, possibly risking obsolescence. You [...]

Good Planning for World Class Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain planning capabilities must be: a) reflective of your competitive strategy, b) integrated both vertically and horizontally, c) IoT enabled and digitally powered, and d) supported by an ownership and governance program. Relying on a "can-do" attitude just won't [...]

TCHO Achieves Sweet Planning Success with DemandCaster

Planning success is sweet at the best of times, but never more so than when it’s achieved with a company that is in the chocolate business. TCHO makes premium chocolates and uses only sustainable resources for the raw cacao beans [...]

5 Ways to Reduce Lead Times in Your Supply Chain

The single biggest frustration a customer will have with any business is waiting. The need for on-time fulfillment, to generate high customer satisfaction levels, is key to supply chain management. Delays can do a lot of damage to the reputation [...]

Does Manufacturing Need Lean Methods to Stay Competitive?

Notable manufacturing analysts have concluded that there is great potential to incorporate better planning and visibility software into Lean implementations, which are important to manufacturing companies in order to stay competitive. Contrary to popular belief, Lean does not necessarily equate [...]

Reasons NetSuite Users Choose DemandCaster for Supply Chain Planning

If you’re already using NetSuite ERP (enterprise resource planning), you’ve likely got a handle on billing, as well as other financials, ordering and more. But what about your supply chain planning? For many NetSuite users, supply chain planning is still [...]

DemandCaster Increases Real-Time Inventory Visibility

As digital transformation continues, retail companies need precise supply and demand planning to improve flexibility and responsiveness. They also need to reduce the amount of overstock and out-of-stock scenarios. With its accurate, end-to-end forecasting, regardless of ERP platform, DemandCaster lets [...]
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