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Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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The ABCs of Machine Learning in Demand Forecasting

Accurate demand forecasting is crucial to the success of any manufacturing company. It ensures companies have the right amount of stock and can respond promptly to changes in demand. In recent years, machine learning has become an essential component of…

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That’s Just Your Opinion

Demand and supply planning was as much an art form as a science for many decades. The process was guided by human intuition, gut feeling, and experience and was aided by tools such as calculators and spreadsheets. These were all…

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Demand and supply planning | DemandCaster

Are You Wasting Your Planner’s Time?

With increased global demand, shortages, significant disruption, and other challenges, businesses have never valued time more. But like other disciplines, traditional supply chain management has relied on disconnected supply chain components, manual processes, spreadsheets, and verbal agreements that take valuable…

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Can Your Supply Chain Adapt to Changes?

Can Your Supply Chain Adapt to Changes?

Massive disruptions have been impacting businesses for the past several years. Gone are the days of stable and predictable supply chains that allow companies to adopt long-term lean and JIT replenishment to manage costs. To combat this new reality, supply…

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Man scanning boxes in warehouse

The Basics of Supply Chain Management Applications

Modern manufacturing operates successfully using software applications across a wide range of functions. These include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and more. Today, many of these platforms are designed to work with automation…

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How to Improve Supply Chain Management in a Complex World

Recent disruptions such as trade wars and COVID-19 have caused many professionals within supply chain management to rethink and redesign many core SCM practices. With longer lead times and port congestions, these professionals have had to embrace buffer stocks, reshoring…

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employees in meeting room viewing presentation | DemandCaster

Which Demand Planning Certifications Are Right for You?

As a profession, supply chain management grew out of a collection of tasks required to source and secure materials for manufacturing and distribution. At first, purchasing, demand planning, scheduling, inventory management, and others were separate tasks, only loosely connected. As…

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warehouse storage | DemandCaster

How Demand Planning and Inventory Management Work Hand in Hand

Inventory management and demand planning are considered important parts of the supply chain. Yet, many look at them as different and somewhat disconnected functions within supply chain management. In one view, demand planning is a forecast of what should or…

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Demand Planning Models in Today’s Manufacturing Environment

As supply chain issues reverberate around the globe, consumers are noticing shortages, lines, and long lead times on popular products. But for the demand and supply planners developing forecasts and schedules that drive the supply chain, this new reality is…

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