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Supply Chain Planning for Dummies

An easy-to-understand guide to getting started with demand planning.
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Advancing Women in Supply Chain

According to the 2018 Women in Supply Chain Survey, women make up just 20% of supply chain VP, but that number is expected to grow to more than 30% by 2023. In 2018, however, roughly 14% of companies reported that…

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Drones Finding Their Niche in the Supply Chain

After Jeff Bezos turned the supply chain upside down in December 2013 by revealing his secret Octocopter drones, which would fly packages to your door inside of 30 minutes, drones quickly became the buzz word of the day at supply…

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Move Over Bitcoin, Blockchain is Taking on Supply Chain

High-tech and electronics manufacturers are charged with the task of managing hyper-complex, global supply chains. Blockchain technology offers a way to break down the silos (production, transportation, fulfillment, and so on) with complete transparency and data flow between every point…

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How machine learning in supply chain can be transformational

Supply chain machine learning (ML) algorithms are recognizing new patterns in supply chain data daily, without needing manual intervention or the definition of taxonomy to guide the analysis. Now that's something that will potentially revolutionize any business. In this post,…

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How to Realize the Value of Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing is becoming extremely popular in the marketplace today. In fact, Global IT consulting company Capgemini published a study last year stating that 76% of manufacturers are either formulating a smart factory initiative or have an ongoing one.   …

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