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Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Unbox Your Inventory Strategy | DemandCaster

Unbox Your Inventory Strategy

A manufacturer’s inventory management strategy is a critical link between supply chain management and manufacturing. For years, there has been an increased focus on inventory optimization and controlling cost while ensuring an adequate supply of materials and components. But today,…

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What Changes Can You Make to Lower Your Inventory Cost?

Inventory is a sensitive issue for any company. Too little, and orders go unfilled. Too much, and precious capital is tied up, affecting equipment purchase plans, reducing cash flow, and even impacting taxation. Across a wide range of industries, lowering…

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woman looking at paperwork in warehouse

Inventory Management Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses have traditionally had a disadvantage in automation and software compared to larger competitors. That’s because inventory management systems and software were originally on-premises systems that required a significant investment in licenses, upgrades, server and distribution infrastructure, and IT…

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warehouse storage | DemandCaster

How Demand Planning and Inventory Management Work Hand in Hand

Inventory management and demand planning are considered important parts of the supply chain. Yet, many look at them as different and somewhat disconnected functions within supply chain management. In one view, demand planning is a forecast of what should or…

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person sitting on shop floor in aisle in warehouse | inventory optimization | DemandCaster

Inventory Optimization During Disruption

In the wake of a series of significant disruptions in the last few years, supply chain professionals and corporate decision-makers are searching for ways to build more resilient supply chains. This has led them to redefine what supply chains should…

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3 people in front of computer - Automotive demand planning-MRP system - DemandCaster

Leveraging Demand and Supply Planning to Unlock the Value of MRP

Both demand and supply planning and materials requirement planning (MRP) have been around for a long time. It’s hard to imagine a modern manufacturing company without either one. With a robust MRP system, manufacturers can better control inventory, plan production…

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Forecasting Vs Demand Planning image

Forecasting Vs Demand Planning

Forecasting Vs Demand Planning Companies use a variety of tools to predict where their business currently is and where it is headed. By “reading the tea leaves”, planners attempt to ensure correct stock levels, optimize inventory control and inventory value,…

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