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Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Is Your Sales Department MIA?

After decades of S&OP, sales people still aren't involved in the S&OP process in most companies. They don't seem to show up to S&OP seminars or conferences, and you rarely see their names on the bi-lines of blogs or social…

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The Difference Between S&OP and Budgeting & Why It Matters

The easiest analogy to understand the difference between sales and operations planning and budgeting is to think of your business as a football game. Before the start of a game, the coaches will devise a plan, comprised of various plays,…

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Part 2: S&OP Kick Off Guide

Part 1 of this series talked about essential requirements for people and processes to ensure successful S&OP. Part 2 explores how S&OP leaders, and the teams who support them, must understand the business they are in. It's imperative to understand…

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The purpose of S&OP for CEOs

S&OP has been around for decades, but is especially relevant today as a practical way to navigate today’s unpredictable global marketplace. As commerce becomes increasingly dependent on data, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital technology, a S&OP process map not…

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Best of the Best Conference Highlights: S&OP Maturity Brings Balance

Sales and operational planning (S&OP) is not a new concept. Organizations have been relying on this discipline for decades to balance forecasting, supply/demand planning, and operational delivery. What is happening now is people, processes, and tools have matured—and some are…

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Tips for S&OP Implementation & Sustainability

These are the essential criteria for successful S&OP, that will both facilitate its implementation and sustainability. Did you know that only one third of sales and operation initiatives wind up adding true value? In this S&OP Kickoff Guide, you’ll get…

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Chewy Supply Chain Demand Planning Conversations

Chewy. What exactly is a "chewy" supply chain conversation? This particular example from Patrick Bower, senior director of global supply chain planning and customer service for Combe, is specific to consumer packaged goods, but the lessons within apply to just…

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Building Strategic S&OP Capabilities

Some of the failures of S&OP deployment happen in the early months of execution. However, engagement and support for the process also diminishes over time, slowly eroding its value to the point where it is no longer a key process…

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