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Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Truce! End the War Between Sales and Operations With S&OP

"An organism at war with itself cannot survive," said the famous astronomer Carl Sagan. Yet in today's competitive manufacturing environments, many sales and operations departments continue to wage war one another—to the detriment of the organization, writes John Boyer in a recent white paper.…

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S&OP: Closing the Gap between People and Processes – Part 1

On September 14, 2011 we presented a webinar, Sales and Operations Planning: Closing the Gap between People and Processes. The webinar can be viewed on our On Demand Webinar Videos collection. As a follow-up to the well received webinar, we are going…

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S&OP: Closing the Gap Between People and Process

With the proliferation of items or SKUs and the global nature of many of our supply chains, it is imperative to have the best and most accurate Sales Plan we can have. It is equally important to have an Operations…

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Can you beat the House?

Go to a Casino, any Casino.  They are glitzy, shiny, edifices.  They are exciting places to be.  Judging by  the rates at which newer and bigger ones are being built, they are probably a lucrative business.  Hmmm, probably a lucrative…

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