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Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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The Taught String Theory

In the April Issue of our newsletter we introduced our “Taught String Theory” which illustrates how effective data sharing can integrate the demand and supply processes of customers and suppliers—as if tied together with a taught string. We are including…

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Practical Guide to Contingency Planning

We recently posted a blog, “The Crisis in Japan & the need for Contingency Plans”, and have had a few inquiries for more information on contingency plans. Allow us to expound a bit on our view of contingency planning. There…

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Tampering: Demand & Inventory Planning

Last week, we posted a blog re-introducing Deming’s concept of tampering.  This week we will explore the how tampering creeps into demand and inventory planning. In the case of demand planning, tampering occurs when we simply think they are smarter…

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Tampering: What is it? Why is it bad?

Tampering is concept that W. Edwards Deming popularized and used often in his lectures.  It is an important and yet subtle concept that many Supply Chain professionals and general managers still do not fully get.   Tampering is basically trying to…

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Supply Chain Physics I

At DemandCaster, we have developed a concept called Supply Chain Physics. We use this concept to foster communication and accountabilities across functions and improvements within the enterprise. So what is Supply Chain Physics? Physics is defined at “the science…

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Quarter End

It is September 30, 2009.  It is the end of the Quarter.  Funny things happen to the Supply Chain at the end of the Quarter. In all industries, companies are trying post sales and make budget numbers.   For publically traded…

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