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Tea Forte’s pyramid-shaped tea infusers are mainstays in the luxury hospitality world. The company’s teas are offered at leading hotels, restaurants, resorts, and retailers around the world and the brand serves as the exclusive tea purveyor for the James Beard Foundation. By design, Tea Forte’s products initially weren’t widely available, but as customers discovered Tea Forte at high-end restaurants and hotels or heard about it from friends, the company decided to support increasing demand by making their products available online.

To avoid becoming a commodity, Tea Forte differentiates its offerings by creating beautifully designed packaging and a great unboxing experience. There is a large variety of tea collections sold by Tea Forte and planning for such assortments with spreadsheets became nearly impossible as Tea Forte grew.

The company needed an automated tool to calculate how many kits of each type were needed and what number of individual components (such as teas, boxes, wrapping, and labeling) would be required to assemble these kits. They found the functionality they needed in DemandCaster, which will enable Tea Forte to manage the entire process of planning for a variety of tea assortments and managing a Bill of Materials (BOM) to optimize inventory.

During deployment of the software, Tea Forte will integrate DemandCaster with their NetSuite ERP system. DemandCaster will be used to handle demand and supply planning functions and will be configured to send orders to NetSuite for execution.

To learn more about Tea Forte and their products, please visit To learn more about how DemandCaster can help you turn supply chain planning into a continuous driver of efficiency, profitability, and growth, tour the solution now.

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