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Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Market Forecast Manager

Connect automotive market insights and customer requirements for better forecasting and portfolio planning.

Seize Control

Automotive manufacturers can now leverage data-driven insights from industry vetted sources, such as IHS Markit’s Light Vehicle Forecast, alongside demand plans and customer releases. Now you can bring industry, customers, and demand plans together to give you full market insight.

Sharpen Your Forecasts

Rely on agile forecasting to improve accuracy and leave gut-feeling behind.

  • Understand long-term customer strategies
  • Spot new business opportunities and scale with the market
  • Reduce risk by automating the data into a single-source solution

Improve Decision-Making to Plan Ahead

Use forward-looking forecast tools to plan for the future.

Strategize for Tomorrow

Identify future programs for smarter product portfolio planning.

Optimize Inventory

Avoid costly under-or over-stock inventory by leveraging longer-lead forecasts.

Visualize Data

Use forecast tools with automated data exchange to contextualize information.

Manage Risk

Leverage forecasts to plan for product end-of-life.

Ready to add Market Forecast Manager to your automotive supply chain planning tech stack?

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