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When MRP is Not Enough: Advanced Requirements Planning

Advanced Requirements Planning

Maybe you have ERP (enterprise resource planning) maybe you’ve long had MRP (material requirements planning) or PRP (production requirements planning). But it’s time you upgraded to ARP: Advanced Requirements Planning.

Like your cellphone, your personal computer and your television, technology marches on and the latest editions really do have more functionality than the previous versions. That’s also true for your ERP system, so you should consider what the additional functionality of the most up-to-date systems will do for your food or beverage plant.

Advanced Requirements Planning:

  • Accounts for expiring lots
  • Plans for yield losses
  • Plans for overlapping operations

Hear from Senior Solution Engineer Kate Warner as she discusses why Food & Beverage manufactures need more from their Material Requirements Planning (MRP). With features purposely built for process manufacturers, Plex DemandCaster MRP enables food and beverage customers to gain visibility and control over their supply chain.

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