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Solutions for Consumer Products

Meet Demand, Delight Your Customers, and Stay Competitive

Consumer demand is more volatile than ever—and you need to be ready to respond in a flash. Supply chain planning with spreadsheets means limited flexibility, but with DemandCaster you can meet challenges head on to keep your customers happy and bottom line strong.

Overcome Your Most Critical Supply Chain Challenges

Put an end to labor-intensive, reactive spreadsheet-based planning. With DemandCaster supply chain planning software, you get powerful, versatile features in a cloud-based system that makes it easy to delight your customers and your finance team by proactively optimizing inventory levels throughout your supply chain

Deliver Stellar

The best way to keep customers happy is to ensure on-time delivery, every time

Our agile software makes it easy to keep everything in sync—commits, schedules, priorities, and changing conditions throughout your supply chain.

Avoid Costly

With multiple systems and data silos, you end up with costly expedites and disruptions.

Our unified solutions delivery a single version of the truth so you can avoid surprises and plan for the unexpected.

Prevent Oversupply and Stockouts

Avoid the costs and negative consequences of having too much or too little inventory.

Our solutions provide the data-driven insights you need to make the right call when balancing cost with service.

TCHO advances from reactive responses to proactive supply chain planning and reaps the sweet rewards of increased on-time in-full deliveries, reduced stockouts, and lower inventory costs.

Optimize Your Consumer Products Supply Chain with DemandCaster

Our powerful, intuitive solutions encompass the entire spectrum of supply chain planning — connecting demand and supply in a single, integrated system. And yet, they’re also highly adaptable and modular. Get only what you need, like inventory optimization, or everything you need, including sales and operations planning (S&OP). When you’re ready, and right when you need it.

  • Inventory Planning and Optimization
  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Production and Capacity Planning
  • Distribution Requirements Planning

We Integrate with Your ERP System

DemandCaster bi-directionally integrates with virtually any ERP system, pushing MPS to drive purchasing and production and frequently pulling operational data for an updated requirements plan.

Integration with NetSuite ERP Integration with Other ERPs

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