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Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Remain competitive in the demanding and volatile automotive manufacturing sector while keeping customers satisfied.

Meet Automotive Challenges

Manage complex supply chains and ever-changing customer requirements with ease. Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning helps you forecast with accuracy and plan with agility. That means you can adapt faster to market shifts and always have a contingency plan.

Conquer Demand Planning With Ease

Synchronize demand and production with
connected supply chain planning. This means satisfying your customers just got easier.

Turn trends into profits while executing on Lean manufacturing principles.

Plan for multiple contingencies
to improve flexibility.

Tie demand to enterprise data for
increased forecast accuracy.

Trusted By Leading Manufacturers

Manage Inventory

With tens of thousands of parts in inventory, the right stock level is critical. Use data-driven insights to get ahead and stay ahead.

  • Get stock levels right and automate your ideal order point.
  • Quickly forecast across multiple levels for complete visibility.
  • Incorporate industry vetted data, such as IHS Markit’s Light Vehicle Forecast, and customer requirements in the plan.

Stay Ahead of

Plex DemandCaster’s intuitive supply chain planning can help turn your manufacturing constraints into opportunities allowing you to manage production with confidence.

  • Crush bottlenecks with rough-cut capacity planning.
  • Schedule with confidence throughout manufacturing.
  • Optimize inventory to reduce costs.


In an industry that stretches globally, Plex DemandCaster empowers your organization with easy-to-use supply chain planning tools.

  • Analyze trends at the highest level with sales and operations planning based on data.
  • Plan strategically for accelerated business growth.
  • Respond to fast-changing market demands with agility.

Visualize Your

Plex DemandCaster helps you tackle inventory with intuitive cloud-based planning tools and advanced analytics.

Demand & Supply Planning

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Distribution Requirement Planning

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Inventory Forecasting & Optimization

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Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

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Market Forecast Manager

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Are you ready to take control of your automotive supply chain planning challenges?

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