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Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Food and Beverage

Consumer demand changes fast. Guarantee your products are delivered fresh with the help of accurate forecasting and planning built for food & beverage manufacturers.

Plan and Execute with Confidence.

Food and beverage companies know adhering to strict regulations and delivering quality products is no easy feat – especially when trying to maximize yield and reduce waste. Proactively forecast and plan your inventory with Plex DemandCaster, making it a breeze to optimize scheduling, reduce inventory levels, and free up operating capital.

Don’t Get Caught off Guard

Data-driven insights help you improve on-time and in-full deliveries.  Incorporate Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) across your organization to profitably grow your business.

Understand sales trends and spot opportunities with demand planning.

Plan production to consume all of your available inventory before it expires.

Manage co-manufacturers to increase reliability with fewer inventory expirations.

Trusted by Leading Manufacturers

Avoid Constraints
and Bottlenecks

When communicating in real-time across your complex supply chain, you quickly gain flexibility.

  • Include ERP inputs to better manage material and capacity constraints.
  • Predict and forecast using advanced analytics to align demand and supply.
  • Review and iteratively optimize planning based on trends and KPIs you set.

Create Impactful

Keeping up with changing customer tastes is easier than ever. Monitor trends and adapt your plans to max out yield.

  • Zero in on demand patterns, trends, and seasonality.
  • Project revenue and margin at any level of aggregation.
  • Realize deeper understanding of your supply chain with demand-shaping and sensing data.
  • Liberate teams and eliminate silos to drive collaboration.

Proactively Manage Your
Supply Chain

Stay on top of all your branded consumer products and maintain compliance without missing a beat.

  • Anticipate demand and stock strategically with agile planning.
  • Optimize inventory to reduce cost and improve lead times.
  • Make your demand and supply plan proactive with regular S&OP processes.

Plan with

Customer satisfaction is critical for Food and Beverage companies. Improve your bottom line with Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning.

Demand & Supply Planning

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Distribution Requirements Planning

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Inventory Forecasting & Optimization

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Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

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Market Forecast Manager

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Are you ready? Take control of your toughest food and beverage planning challenges today!

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