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Exciting Announcement

Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Extend your NetSuite planning capabilities through seamless integration. Go from planning to orders and transactions without missing a beat.

Realize True Control
over All Your Data

Plex DemandCaster planning software fully integrates into NetSuite allowing true bi-directional data flow. Retain control over master data, historical transactions, and production information in your automated database.

Customize Your Connections

Keep your data flowing just the way you need it between Plex DemandCaster and Oracle NetSuite

API Integrations

Full bidirectional and secure API integration.

Data Matching

Synchronize your data confidently between both systems.

FTP Transfers

Push data via FTP for transformation and loading.

Text Files

Upload Text files when automation methods aren’t feasible.

Deploy with Ease

Work seamlessly across both platforms to maintain your NetSuite
user experience with minimal learning and easy onboarding.

  • Integration is based on NetSuite APIs for minimal disruptions.
  • Precisely match your Netsuite model with highly configurable data management.
  • Integrate robust sales planning functionality into your NetSuite capabilities.
  • Realize quick time to value with shorter learning curves and faster onboarding.

Take control of your toughest supply chain planning challenges

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