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Exciting Announcement

Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Demand & Supply Planning

Supply chains are complex, but planning doesn’t have to be. Synchronize demand and supply with bold strategies and tactical adjustments, keeping you agile during rapid change.

End-to-End Visibility

Don’t sleep on market opportunities. Gain deep insights into your demand and supply to create highly accurate plans, reduce costs, and produce better customer outcomes. End result, a competitive edge.

Plan with Precision

Empower collaboration between sales, marketing, operations, and finance leveraging a single source of truth that drives confidence in execution.

  • Identify demand trends that drive your supply needs.
  • Optimize inventory strategies iteratively based in data.
  • Forecast any level of aggregation and deploy “what-if” strategies for disruption-busting contingencies.

Forecast with Accuracy

Say goodbye to siloed data and error-prone processes. Plex DemandCaster supercharges your demand planning with the agility of the cloud and the simplicity of a single end-to-end planning solution.

Prioritize by Margins

Aggressively protect your most profitable product lines with precision.

Plan Strategically

Project revenue, cost of goods sold, and margins at any level or view of your planning hierarchy.

Schedule Tactically

Drive execution by translating demand plans that account for inventory and capacity constraints with a realistic projected supply plan.

Improve Communication

Enhance forecasting accuracy and build consensus by synchronizing data sources across your organization and ERP solution.

Are you ready? Start solving your demand and supply chain planning challenges before they become a problem.

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