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Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)

Minimize Disruptions, Maximize Satisfaction

Synchronize your master schedule across your extended network of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers to minimize disruptions, speed response times, and ensure customer satisfaction with every order.

Focus on items in one specific location by applying relevant filters

Plan inventory replenishment for the entire enterprise from one screen

Manage inventory across multiple production and distribution facilities

Ensure Smooth Sailing Throughout Your Supply Chain

With DemandCaster supply chain planning software, you can easily manage diverse inventory in unlimited distribution and manufacturing locations across the globe with point and click ease.

  • Simplify what it takes to minimize inventory shortages and reduce the cost of replenishing, transporting, and holding inventory.
  • Gain the ability to define unique forecasting and planning parameters for each location.
  • Leverage advanced forecasting models to set safety stock levels for finished goods and raw materials across the echelons of your supply chain.
  • Increase agility by quickly routing inventory available in a secondary source to the destination location.
  • Overcome short-term supply constraints by easily prioritizing customer orders over safety stock or minimum order requirements.
  • Minimize supply chain disruptions with the ability to designate alternate supply locations over a set time horizon.
  • Improve responsiveness by automatically computing location-specific, time-phased inventory replenishment plans and push them to your ERP for execution.

Reporting & Analytics

Speed smarter decisions with customizable reports and leverage advanced, forward-looking analytics (e.g., inventory classification and segmentation, lead time, stocking, etc.) to create one-to-one relationships between your customers and your supply chain. Included in all DemandCaster software.

“We always thought about demand on a regional basis, like what is needed in Australia or in the U.S. With DemandCaster, we’re able to look at the entire business holistically, including the movement of inventory between warehouses.”

Ethan Nyholm, President & Co-Founder, STM Brands

Optimize Your Business Outcomes with
DemandCaster Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) Software

Respond Faster

Shorten order fulfillment times with the ability to plan holistically across your global supply chain network.

Improve Service

Predictably meet customer service levels at various supply chain nodes and hone your competitive edge.

Reduce Costs

Optimize inventory to avoid costly shortages, outages, and non-value added transfers.

Achieve More with the Suite Advantage

Distribution Requirements Planning is just one component of the powerful and intuitive DemandCaster Software Suite. Unified, modular, and built for the cloud, the Suite covers the full spectrum of supply chain planning and makes it easy to align your organization around a consensus-based plan.


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