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Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Distribution Requirements Planning

Plan, optimize, and execute your inventory requirements across multiple, physical, and virtual locations. Quickly know where inventory needs to go where and when.

Fulfill Orders with Accuracy

Distribution and fulfillment can make or break customer satisfaction. Synchronize your distribution supply chain with manufacturing and sales to increase fulfillment velocity and on-time delivery.

Minimize Disruption

Automate your warehouse and distribution location requirements with production schedules across your supply chain.

  • Minimize shortages and reduce transportation and warehousing costs with analytics-driven data.
  • Automate processes, such as transfer orders, to improve service levels.
  • Respond to unplanned demand or supply constraints by easily executing orders against alternate suppliers or locations.

Dynamically Manage Your Inventory

Conquer complex inventory requirements across multiple distribution and manufacturing operations.

Leverage Cascading Requirements

Define independent and dependent demand requirements across multiple locations.

Respond with Agility

Act fast to fix disruptions and shortages by routing inventory from secondary sources.

Automate Decision-Making

Deploy location-based, time-phased inventory replenishment integrated into your ERP solution.

Ready to start solving your distribution requirements planning challenges?

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