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Exciting Announcement

Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Scale and grow your supply chain capabilities with best-in-class supply chain planning software. Demolish silos with intuitive planning tools and unite the business.

Flexible S&OP for Your
Powerful ERP Solution

Gain a competitive edge, improve processes, and eliminate redundancies with a planning solution that supplements your transactional ERP solution. Give your Sales & Operations Planning team the robust supply chain planning capabilities they need to drive the business forward.

Enhance Your Existing ERP

Go from planning to orders and transactions without missing a beat.

  • ERP Agnostic – Integrate seamlessly with virtually any ERP solution.
  • Seamless Integration – Confidently sync data between Plex DemandCaster and your ERP solution.
  • Scale with Confidence – Drive revenue with a solution that grows with you.
  • Enhance Capabilities – Leverage robust planning features with unmatched ease of use.

Accurate Planning without

Improve margins and customer satisfaction with data-driven supply chain planning.

  • Proactive Planning – Go from reactive to proactive inventory planning.
  • Data Driven Decisions – Move with certainty and speed using a single source of truth.
  • Increase Capabilities – Integrate additional functionality into your ERP capabilities.
  • Market Insights – Support automotive forecasts with industry vetted sources, such as IHS Markit’s Light Vehicle Forecast.

Customize to Your Existing ERP

Keep control of your data flow between systems.

  • API Integration – Get full bidirectional data flow with secure API integration.
  • Data Matching – Confidently sync data between Plex DemandCaster and your ERP solution.
  • FTP Transfers – Use FTP to transform and load data.
  • Text File – Upload data from applications where automation isn’t possible.

Take control of your toughest supply chain planning challenges

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