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Demand Forecasting & Planning

Plan Demand with Consensus, Agility, and Data-Driven Insight

Empower cross-functional teams to reach consensus on trustworthy demand plans that position you to seize market opportunities, deliver better customer outcomes, and reduce inventory costs.

Define multiple custom hierarchy views

Adjust tabs to track revenue goals

Shape demand with manual edits at any level of the hierarchy

Your Data-Driven Demand Plan Is in Your Grasp

End the costly dysfunctions of siloed solutions that slow you down and keep demand and supply out of sync. With DemandCaster supply chain planning software, you gain a single source of truth for demand forecasting and planning, as well as a data-driven foundation for your S&OP process. Nimbly create precise demand forecasts and plans infused with historical data, organizational intelligence, and insights from across your supply chain network.

  • Easily compute multi-echelon demand forecasts through a built-in expert system and override as needed.
  • Enhance forecast accuracy and consensus by collecting inputs from across your organization and directly from your ERP.
  • Quickly spot demand patterns, trends, and seasonality.
  • Prioritize with ABC analysis and respond to automatic outlier detection by the system.
  • Anticipate outcomes by performing what-if analysis on multiple scenarios within your demand plan.
  • Forecast at any level of aggregation, supplemented with demand shaping and demand sensing data.
  • Readily project revenue, cost of goods sold, and margin down to the item level.

Reporting & Analytics

Speed smarter decisions with customizable reports and leverage advanced, forward-looking analytics (e.g., inventory classification and segmentation, lead time, stocking, etc.) to create one-to-one relationships between your customers and your supply chain. Included in all DemandCaster software.

“DemandCaster’s ability to help us quickly visualize and analyze demand patterns from a market segment, company, and part viewpoint has provided a huge improvement in how we understand and manage our business”

Steve Kase, President and CEO, ASK Power

Optimize Your Business Outcomes with DemandCaster Demand Planning Software

Delight Your Customers

Consistently meet or exceed expected services levels with the ability to keep ever-changing levels of demand and inventory in balance.

Forecast with Precision

Create more accurate demand forecasts and empower all stakeholders to act with certainty.

Control Costs

Enhance cost efficiencies by minimizing the bullwhip effect of unplanned demand spikes, dips, and fluctuations.

Achieve More with the Suite Advantage

Demand Planning is just one component of the powerful and intuitive DemandCaster Software Suite. Unified, modular, and built for the cloud, the Suite covers the full spectrum of supply chain planning and makes it easy to align your organization around a consensus-based plan.


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