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Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) / Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Synchronize Demand and Supply from Plan to Action

Unify and coordinate all demand and supply planning activities around a consensus-based plan that aligns with your financial and strategic objectives, enhances business outcomes, and lifts your bottom line.

Review forecasting metrics at every level of your planning hierarchy

Run new demand and supply plans at the click of a button

Follow the color-coded and time-stamped prompts for the S&OP process

Connect. Collaborate. Compete.

End spreadsheet chaos, bridge supply and demand silos, and achieve new levels of collaboration and planning dexterity with DemandCaster S&OP software. Extend your competitive edge by empowering planners, sales, operations personnel, and management to work smartly using the same numbers and the same plans that reflect evolving data, constraints, and objectives from across your global supply chain.

  • Quickly analyze trends and enrich forecasts by automatically collecting planning data from your ERP, point of sales (POS), and other data sources.
  • Work in unison with a “single version of the truth” that seamlessly combines strategic and tactical input from all functional teams and stakeholders.
  • Determine appropriate tradeoffs and make better decisions with the ability to easily identify constraints and risks in supply and demand at every planning level.
  • Create more accurate financial plans by automatically instilling them with data from sales, marketing, production, finance, inventory, and new product introduction plans.
  • Run “what if” scenarios to plan ahead for emergencies and surprises in your supply chain network.
  • Move seamlessly from planning to execution with an S&OP planning solution that ensures consensus among cross-functional teams and results in an actionable master schedule.

Bust the Myths — and Discover S&OP Best Practices

Myths about S&OP run rampant. So how can you make sure your organization knows fact from fiction?

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“The software has definitely improved the collaboration between the sales, purchasing, and production teams. With DemandCaster, we are an even better team.”

Ethan Nyholm, President & Co-Founder, STM Brands

Optimize Your Business Outcomes with DemandCaster Demand Planning Software

Enhance Productivity

Replace daily firefighting and crisis-mode execution with proactive planning to focus on activities that grow the business.

Stay in Sync

Empower planners to collaborate more easily across business functions and better align planning with execution.

Improve Profitability

Fuel higher profits with authoritative plans that enable you to hit ambitious sales targets and competitive service levels while keeping inventory costs in check.

Achieve More with the Suite Advantage

Sales & Operations Planning is just one component of the powerful and intuitive DemandCaster Software Suite. Unified, modular, and built for the cloud, the Suite covers the full spectrum of supply chain planning and makes it easy to align your organization around a consensus-based plan.


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