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Inventory Planning and Optimization

Plan for the Unexpected and
Optimize Where It Counts

Plan with foresight and act with insight using powerful, easy-to-use supply chain planning software that puts you in complete command of your inventory. Maximize efficiency and financial gains by ensuring you always have the right items, at the right place, at the right time.

Compute total demand combining both forecasts and confirmed orders

Plan replenishment in weekly or daily buckets

Optimize inventory with system-calculated safety stocks and total order points

Forecast and Optimize Your Inventory Painlessly

Say so long to knee-jerk reactions and unreliable spreadsheets. Say hello to rich visualizations and intuitive features that work the way you expect. DemandCaster supply chain planning software empowers you to proactively optimize your inventory with less effort while delivering exceptional customer experiences that fuel business growth.

  • Move beyond spreadsheets to forecast sales of inventory holistically, based on an item’s sales history, confirmed orders, and more.
  • Balance demand forecasts to a supply plan that is based on your company’s service level objectives, realistic supplier lead times, what-if simulations, and a multitude of safety stock models.
  • Perform multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) using system-selected “best fit” or user-specified statistical forecasts.
  • Accurately forecast time-phased inventory needs across your organization and automate the timing and quantity for its replenishment.
  • Leverage automated purchase, make, and transfer recommendations to stay ahead of your inventory demands; automatically push orders to your ERP for execution
  • Run advanced analytics to calculate economic order quantities, lead times, and stocking levels.
  • Quickly prioritize items by revenue, margin, costs, or units using Pareto ordering (ABC analysis), and automated classification and segmentation.
  • Leverage built-in support for new product forecasting to plan by analogy and/or suppression.

Reporting & Analytics

Speed smarter decisions with customizable reports and leverage advanced, forward-looking analytics (e.g., inventory classification and segmentation, lead time, stocking, etc.) to create one-to-one relationships between your customers and your supply chain. Included in all DemandCaster software.

“With DemandCaster, we have dramatically improved our inventory turns and overall flow of goods. The additional insight helps us ensure we have the right stock, at the right place, at the right time—and importantly, by the most economical means possible.”

Ethan Nyholm, President & Co-Founder, STM Brands

Optimize Your Business Outcomes with DemandCaster Inventory Planning and Optimization Software

Improve Profitability

Make informed tradeoffs between on-time delivery targets to your customers and inventory levels to enhance financial performance.

Stay Laser Focused on Success

Gain the ability to quickly prioritize inventory items that are most critical to business success, both in terms of demand and costs.

Seize Opportunities

Proactively identify opportunities and minimize risks with enhanced inventory visibility into your entire supply chain.

Achieve More with the Suite Advantage

Inventory Planning and Optimization is just part of the powerful and intuitive DemandCaster Software Suite. Unified, modular, and built for the cloud, the Suite covers the full spectrum of supply chain planning and makes it easy to align your organization around a consensus-based plan.


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