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Production & Capacity Planning

Optimize Your Production and Maximize Your Success

Streamline and automate the labor-intensive process of ensuring you have the production resources and capacity to proficiently meet fluctuating demand, shorten lead times, and wow customers with impeccable service.

Rely on rough-cut capacity to identify bottlenecks with open and planned production orders

Get an at-a-glance view of capacity utilization based on color-coded data points

Calculate workcenter capacity by production time or by units produced

Take the Guesswork Out of Production

With DemandCaster supply chain planning software, you’ll always know precisely what, when, where, and how much to produce for every customer while optimizing capacity, efficiency, and cost savings.

  • Easily translate the demand plan into labor, machine hours, and material requirements.
  • Create multiple “what if” scenarios to accommodate potential capacity constraints to spot short- and long-term shortfalls and bottlenecks and make adjustments on the fly.
  • Rely on algorithms and manual overrides that make it easy to prioritize customer orders and align supply and fulfillment with your financial objectives.
  • Optimize inventory at all levels of BOMs by exploding finished goods forecasts to the component-level.
  • Produce a master production schedule (MPS), and an MRP, based on a chase demand or level loading strategy, that encompasses all manufacturing facilities.
  • Leverage ERP data to continually optimize your plan based on current material and capacity constraints as well as your daily supply chain and shop floor performance.

Reporting & Analytics

Speed smarter decisions with customizable reports and leverage advanced, forward-looking analytics (e.g., inventory classification and segmentation, lead time, stocking, etc.) to create one-to-one relationships between your customers and your supply chain. Included in all DemandCaster software.

“What is important to us is the ability to reflect our capacity and work center realities. Both infinite and finite capacity planning are necessary to be able to ensure that you’re on top. We couldn’t find that anywhere but DemandCaster.”

Steve Kase, President and CEO, ASK Power

Optimize Your Business Outcomes with DemandCaster Production and Capacity Planning Software

Keep Your Promises

Meet customer commitments every time with time-phased requirements plans that reflect available capacity and detailed component-level planning.

Optimize Your Resources

Automatically incorporate current material and capacity constraints into your company-wide production plans.

Turn Plans into Action

Create an actionable master production schedule (MPS) and optionally, an MRP, to drive purchasing, production, Kanban quantity, and resource decisions with confidence.

Achieve More with the Suite Advantage

Production and Capacity Planning is just one component of the powerful and intuitive DemandCaster Software Suite. Unified, modular, and built for the cloud, the Suite covers the full spectrum of supply chain planning and makes it easy to align your organization around a consensus-based plan


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