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Supply Chain Planning Suite Overview

Agile Planning, Simplified

Work collaboratively with ease across your global supply chain, anticipate the unexpected at every turn, and move from planning to execution without missing a beat.

Planning Challenges, Meet the DemandCaster Suite

Modular. End-to-End. Unified.

Tired of spreadsheet headaches or trying to make sense of complex planning software? DemandCaster is supply chain planning as you’ve always imagined. Powerful yet intuitive, it removes the barriers that keep planners from doing their best work. And empowers your entire organization to drive better outcomes.

Use your cursor to explore the components of the DemandCaster Suite.

[Essential Guide] 6 Best Practices for Selecting Planning Software

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Get Ahead and Stay Ahead with DemandCaster

Make proactive supply chain planning an engine for business growth and optimize your outcomes at every turn.

The insight you need, just when you need it.

DemandCaster harnesses data from across all functional areas with your supply chain and serves it up in the workflow, so you always have the information you need to make the right decisions sooner.

Simple to deploy, easy to use.

Delivered as a service from the cloud, DemandCaster speeds time to value. Better still, it works the way planners expect, empowering them to focus on planning, not manipulating data in convoluted spreadsheets or managing complicated tools.

Single version of the truth.

DemandCaster bridges departmental silos, empowering everyone to stay on the same page using the same numbers to resolve conflicts faster and take decisive action with confidence.

A system you won’t outgrow.

Tackle today’s most pressing challenges and know that DemandCaster will be there with the right functionality as your planning needs advance.

We Integrate with Your ERP System

DemandCaster bi-directionally integrates with virtually any ERP system, pushing MPS to drive purchasing and production and frequently pulling operational data for an updated requirements plan.

Integration with NetSuite ERP Integration with Other ERPs

Ready to See DemandCaster in Action?

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
Optional add-on to the core platform
Keep your entire organization in sync to maximize profitability and minimize risk.
Learn more >

Demand Planning
Included with the S&OP add-on
Easily create precise, data-driven demand plans
Learn more >

Supply Planning
Included with the S&OP add-on
Gain the agility to keeping supply and demand in balance to boost your bottom line
Learn more >

Inventory Planning and Optimization
Included as part of the core platform
Take charge of your inventory with foresight, timely data insights, and less effort
Learn more >

Production and Capacity Planning
Optional add-on to the core platform
Always know precisely what, when, where, and how much to produce for every customer.
Learn more >

Distribution and Requirements Planning (DRP)
Optional add-on to the core platform
Quickly plan diverse inventory in unlimited distribution and manufacturing locations across the globe
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