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Exciting Announcement

Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Policy vs. Common Sense

My good friend Guillermo Fernandez, the retired General Manager of Colgate-Palmolive Mexico, would always say: "Common sense, the most uncommon…

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Supply Chain Physics I

At DemandCaster, we have developed a concept called Supply Chain Physics. We use this concept to foster communication and accountabilities…

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Constancy of Purpose

Recently I was engaged in a discussion where someone floated the idea Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma initiatives are…

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Is Inventory an Independent Variable? Is the Earth Flat?

Business can be defined in many ways. But one thing is clear; businesses are judged and valued by numbers. Businesses…

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Halloween Logistics

Halloween and Logistics? Why of course. Halloween is a season and retailers plan for the peak. Think of Walgreen’s and…

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Demand Planning and Inventory Management: It is everywhere… I can’t escape it. Version 2.0

  Ah yes… this is another case of my focus on Inventory Management creeping into everything I do. Last time…

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