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Exciting Announcement

Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Tending the Organizational Garden

How often have we seen management initiate change with great enthusiasm and expectation and then passively manage the process to…

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Quarter End

It is September 30, 2009.  It is the end of the Quarter.  Funny things happen to the Supply Chain at…

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Be a Great Supply Chain Leader: Simplify

Earlier this year, I saw a quote in The Reader’s Digest attributed to Colin Powell. Great leaders are almost always…

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Demand Planning & Inventory Management: It is everywhere … I can’t escape it!

I was having lunch at a Bagel shop in downtown Lake Forest, IL yesterday.  I was enjoying my sandwich and…

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Is Your Company a SLOB – Part 2

In our posting "Is Your Company a SLOB - Part 1," we reviewed the subject of excess and obsolete (E&O)…

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Is Your Company a SLOB – Part 1

In the world of inventory management, there is a term Excess & Obsolete, E&O, used to designate two classes of…

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