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Supply Chain Planning for Dummies

An easy-to-understand guide to getting started with demand planning.
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DockATot believes every baby deserves to be surrounded in a comfortable environment every day of their lives. Their multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting, and snuggling docks for babies and tots allow mothers to feed, soothe, and bond with their babies. The hallmarks of the DockATot brand, a combination of superb design, functionality, innovation, exceptional quality, and value for money, have resulted in raving fans.

When a growing number of customers and SKUs led to demand planning challenges for DockATot, the company decided to revamp its planning process. The manual, spreadsheet-based approach it had relied on since initially launching the business was cumbersome and error-prone. The company could not afford planning mistakes that risked the possibility of disappointing its stable of high-end retail partners.

When it came to selecting a demand planning solution, the ability to plan at the customer level was key for DockATot. When the company evaluated DemandCaster and saw that it could view and modify forecasts at a very granular level – including at the product category, channel, region and customer level – they were sold on the potential to take their planning capabilities to the next level.

DemandCaster will replace DockATot’s current homegrown planning system and will be integrated with the company’s NetSuite ERP solution. To learn more about DockATot and their products, please visit the website. To learn more about how DemandCaster can help you manage your supply chain for increased agility and competitive advantage, tour the solution.

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