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Is Your Company a SLOB – Part 2

In our posting "Is Your Company a SLOB - Part 1," we reviewed the subject of excess and obsolete (E&O) inventory, its causes and challenges. In this posting we review what can be done to address theproblem. The good news, [...]

Is Your Company a SLOB – Part 1

In the world of inventory management, there is a term Excess & Obsolete, E&O, used to designate two classes of undesirable inventory. Excess Inventory: This class of inventory is for products and materials that are still being sold i.e. still [...]

Can you beat the House?

Go to a Casino, any Casino.  They are glitzy, shiny, edifices.  They are exciting places to be.  Judging by  the rates at which newer and bigger ones are being built, they are probably a lucrative business.  Hmmm, probably a lucrative [...]

Software is Only Part of the Answer

Many companies of every size will look at software to improve their operations and rightly they should. Having the right information in the right place at the right time in the right form can certainly help accelerate our ability to [...]

MRP and Inventory Management

Most companies use Material Requirement Planning (MRP) software or an MRP module of an ERP to plan and manage the purchasing and scheduling of materials based on a demand plan or forecast. It is time phased and can manage large [...]

Inventory – A Historical Perspective

In the earliest points in human history, as our earliest people became hunter-gatherers, there had to be some inventory management. Hunters developed crude wood and flint weapons to make their hunts easier. The first rudimentary inventory management followed pretty quickly. [...]

Supply Planning: Processes, Options & Analytics, Oh My

Supply planning is the component of supply chain management involved with determining how to best fulfill the requirements created from the demand plan. The objective is to balance supply and demand in a manner that achieves the financial and service [...]
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