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Exciting Announcement

Rockwell Automation has acquired Plex Systems
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Lock it Down with Supply Chain Planning Software

Traditional supply chain planning consisted of many verbal agreements, handshakes, and implied agreements with suppliers. Because supply chain management was…

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Just Ship it Already | DemandCaster

Just Ship it Already!

The food and beverage industry has unique requirements compared to other types of manufacturing. Regulations and compliance are burdensome from…

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Unbox Your Inventory Strategy | DemandCaster

Unbox Your Inventory Strategy

A manufacturer’s inventory management strategy is a critical link between supply chain management and manufacturing. For years, there has been…

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Put Your Best Face Forward

Supply chain planning varies across industries. Differences in inputs, supplier distance, perishability, and other variables mean that each industry has…

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Blog graphic 'Simmer down! Bringing Balance to Your Supply Chain Plans'

Simmer Down! Bringing Balance to Your Supply Chain Plans

Companies worldwide are experiencing unprecedented volatility in customer demand and supply of raw materials from suppliers. This volatility heats a…

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That’s Just Your Opinion

Demand and supply planning was as much an art form as a science for many decades. The process was guided…

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